Moving Home to Shalom

How to Become a Part of the Shalom Village Family


To find out more about living at Shalom Village, please call to arrange an interview
to explore your needs. Rental fees are established annually. Some apartments are eligible for Rent Geared to Income Subsidy. The details of individual rental fees can be discussed during the interview.

For more information, please contact Angela Brown at 905-529-1613 ext. 268 or email

Convalescent Care

Admission to convalescent care at Shalom Village is coordinated by the Hamilton CCAC.
Please call 905-523-8600 ext. 2203 for more information.

Long Term Care

Admission to long term care or convalescent care is by application to the CCAC at 905-523-8600.

What to expect after applying for long term care at Shalom Village:

  • Applicants are notified by their CCAC Caseworker that their application has been approved, and given either a date of admission or spot on a waiting list
  • Upon arrival at Shalom Village, the new resident is greeted by our team members; family and friends are encouraged to join for part or all of the day
  • The new resident meets our Life Transitions Coach, who will help guide them and their family through the process of moving home to Shalom
  • The Life Transitions Coach will assist the resident and their family with the paperwork required for admission, including the admission contract, subsidy application, and our “getting to know you” package
  • Over the next few days, the new resident will meet the health care professionals and other staff who will be responsible for their care, as well as their new neighbours and their families
  • Within six weeks of admission, the resident and their loved ones are invited to attend a care conference with the resident’s health care team to discuss their care up to that point

For more information on long term care at Shalom Village or to arrange a tour, please call 905-529-1613 X391.