Day Programs – Goldie’s Place

Goldie’s Place is an active day program for adults living within the community who have physical or cognitive impairments. Goldie’s Place provides a secure, friendly environment, promotes health maintenance, and provides opportunities for socialization and caregiver relief.

Various recreational and social activities are offered, as well as heath care and fitness programs. Goldie’s Place includes a healthy lunch and snack, and varied assistance provided where necessary. Transportation is available for people living in Hamilton, including those with wheelchairs.

Goldie’s Place provides a home away from home for adults who benefit from regular interaction with health and rehabilitative professionals. Activities are flexible and varied to meet the diverse needs of our participants. Social and health promotion programs are provided in concert with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Adult Day Program standards.

Goldie’s Place provides peace of mind for families, allowing them time for work and personal activities. For at-home caregivers who may feel overwhelmed at times due to their responsibilities, Goldie’s Place is a great option.

Goldie’s Place is an integral component of the Shalom Village community and participants have access to the many services available, including The Club Fitness Centre, Bubbi Bessie’s Café and The Classic Theatre. By participating in stimulating activities, Goldie’s participants’ quality of life is enriched and their scope of experiences is expanded.

Goldie Lax was committed to ensuring that her family had the support they needed to remain independent. Her family has continued her caring legacy through the dedication of Goldie’s Place – The Day Program for Adults at Shalom Village.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - click to open/close

Q:How do I access your Adult Day Program (ADP)?

A: Referrals to all Adult Day Programs in the City of Hamilton are through the Community Care Access Centre (CCAC).  If you have a Care Coordinator you can call and ask for a referral. If you are not currently connected to the CCAC you can call 905-523-8600 and ask to speak to someone about being referred to an ADP.

Q: Is there a waiting list?

A: Currently there is a waiting list. Wait times fluctuate between 3-12 months

Q: What does it cost to come to the ADP?

A: $18.05 per day. Prices go up by 2% every July 1

Q: How long can I attend your Adult Day Program for?

A:  There is no prescribed length of stay in an Adult Day Program.  You can stay as long as you’re interested and as long as the program meets your needs. When you sign up your contract states that you can terminate at any time.

Q: Will I get Physiotherapy in the Adult Day Program?

A: No. While daily seated exercises are on our calendar, physiotherapy is NOT available.

Q: Whats included in my $18.05/day?

A: A full day of structured activity, a hot and nutritious noon meal and snacks throughout the day, and access to our professional staff as needed.  Assistance with toileting and feeding is also available.

Q: Is transportation available?

A: No. Unfortunately our vehicles are not available to provide our Adult Day Program participants with transportation. Many of our participants come via DARTS 905-529-1717, Red Cross 905-522-8485, Taxi or Family. 

Q: Can you assist me with my medications while I’m at the Adult Day Program? 

A: Assistance with medication happens in 2 ways:

  1. You require a reminder to take your medications at set times. In this instance YES, we can help.  You are required to provide us with a complete full list of your medications from your pharmacy in addition to bringing your medication in its labeled, original packaging as provided by the pharmacy.
  2. You require assistance with medication administration. In this instance YES, we can help because we do have a Registered Nurse on Staff.  As above, you are required to provide us with a complete up to date list from your pharmacy and to bring in your medication in its labeled, original packaging as provided by the pharmacy.