The Club Fitness Centre

sfljpA7oHVwjasKwcAkfEJ0sdmQa4LV37arzxvHqJhsThe Club Fitness Centre at Shalom Village is a unique exercise club for people over the age of seventy. It grew from a successful research project, performed in collaboration with McMaster University, that demonstrated the dramatic impact an active lifestyle can have on the quality of life experienced by older adults. Two major benefits of exercise uncovered in the project: a marked reduction in the incidence of falls and improvements in mobility. Participants not only felt better but found everyday tasks such as getting in and out of a car, or sitting and standing, easier to accomplish.

Open to all community members

In addition to more than 200 Shalom Village residents, The Club is open to all individuals from the wider community over the age of seventy.

The Club Fitness Centre is the proud recipient of an Ontario Trillium Foundation, Grow Grant. Together we are working to make fitness more accessible to Hamilton region seniors.

Personal fitness plan

People of all fitness levels and abilities work out at The Club, from the actively mobile to those who rely on wheelchairs or walkers to get around. The Head Coach and the fitness team develop a personal fitness plan based on each individual’s needs and abilities. It is a personalized approach to better health with an emphasis on fun.

Friendly atmosphere

The Club Fitness Centre at Shalom Village has a friendly, social atmosphere that is welcoming to those who might not feel comfortable in a traditional health club setting.

How to Join The Club Fitness Centre

Call or email the Head Coach at 905-529-1613 ext. 220, to learn more about The Club.

Please note: all those wishing to join the The Club Fitness Centre at Shalom Village are required to provide written consent from their Family Doctor in order to participate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - click to open/close

Q: How old do you have to be to join and do I need doctor permission?

A: Our minimum age limit is 65 years old and Shalom Village has a doctor permission form to be signed before being assessed and beginning a fitness program. If you give us your doctor information we can fax the form for you or you can bring it yourself to your doctor to get it signed.

Q: What are the hours The Club Fitness Centre is open

A: The Club is open Monday to Friday from 8am-4pm

Q: What are the costs to joining The Club

A: There is an initial $25 assessment fee and a 4 month membership fee of $100 ($25/month). Members can continually renew their membership every 4 months at $100.

Q: Is there a waiting list to become a member

A: There is a waiting list to become a member and exercise in The Club, so call or email early to get on the list.

What equipment do you have to exercise in The Club?

A: We have Keiser strength training equipment that includes the chest press, lat pull down, leg press, military press, calf strengthening, triceps press, biceps curl, lower back strengthening, leg extension, leg curl, and upper back strengthening machines. For cardio vascular exercise we have Nusteps, recumbent bikes, up right bikes, an arm cycle ergometer, and treadmills. We also have NeuroGym equipment that includes the sit-to-stand trainer, bungee walker, and pendulum stepper. Finally, we have free weights, bands and tubes, and exercise classes for various levels of mobility.

Q: Can I get one-to-one help while exercising?

A: Every new member will have an individualized program designed for them to meet their goals. A trainer will work one-to-one with each new participant to teach them how to get the most out of their exercise program. For those participants needing ongoing one-to-one assistance, we will work with the participant to schedule weekly times with our trainers so that the participant can have the support they need at no extra charge.

Q: What should I wear to exercise?

A: At all times in The Club it is required to have a closed toe and closed heal shoe  to participate. A walking or running shoe is the most ideal. In the winter months, we encourage our participants to have an outdoor pair of shoes and an exercise pair of shoes that they change into when they participate in their exercises. Wear articles of clothing that are comfortable and not too restrictive. Please don’t wear jewellery that could be a potential hazard to your safety like things that hang or dangle off of you.