Tapestry Project

The TAPESTRY project is looking for a few good volunteers


Shalom Village is partnering with physicians from the McMaster Family Practice Unit in a project to develop a team of specially trained volunteers to provide a vital link in the healthcare system.

Healthy at home

TAPESTRY (Teams Advancing Patient Experiences: Strengthening Quality) is a Health Canada funded project which aims to help older adults stay healthy at home, functioning independently, for as long as possible.

Help patients navigate

McMaster Family Practice physicians Doug Oliver, Cathy Risdon and Gina Agarwal are taking on leadership roles in this project, which will see trained primary health care volunteers use innovative tools to help patients and their families navigate the healthcare system.

Trained Volunteers

Volunteers will be trained for the project. They are not expected to provide health care, but will act as a link between patients and their healthcare team. They will travel in pairs to patients’ homes to gather information, help them identify goals, and provide a social connection. They will be supported by a Volunteer Coordinator.

Time Commitment

Volunteers will be expected to contribute 3-5 hours/week of volunteer service and are expected to attend all training sessions to receive certification as a trained Community Volunteer.


  • All participants must be at least 20 years of age.
  • Must be able to communicate clearly in English or French. Other language skills are considered an asset.
  • Volunteers will be expected to travel within the community to do patient home visits therefore must have reliable transportation (e.g. personal or public transit). A valid driver’s license and access to a vehicle is an asset.


Please contact Katherine May at 905-529-1613 ext. 308, or click here to email Katharine, if you are interested in participating in this exciting project.

Seven reasons you should join the TAPESTRY team:

By participating as a TAPESTRY volunteer you can…

  1. Learn valuable new skills
  2. Participate in an innovative research program
  3. Provide support to older adults
  4. Help improve the quality of primary care for Hamilton residents
  5. Take part in the development of a program that will be extended across the country
  6. Work as part of an interdisciplinary team
  7. Make new friends and develop rewarding relationships