Shalom Village Charitable Foundation

About the Foundation

Shalom Village is a not-for-profit organization that owes its existence to the generosity of its donors, and the Shalom Village Charitable Foundation is its charitable arm. The Foundation raises funds to enrich the lives of residents through a variety of services and programs that help to preserve their independence, encourage participation in valued, meaningful activities, and enable them to remain vital contributors within the greater community. Possibilities that are made possible because of your gracious support.

Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission
Our purpose is to help donors fulfill their philanthropic goals and serve as a conduit for them to make a difference in the lives of our residents and participants.

Our Vision
Making Possibilities Possible

Our Values
Honouring our Fathers and our Mothers

Join the Chai Club!

The Chai Club is for everyone who would like an easy, convenient way to manage their giving. The easiest way to make a difference!

Significant impact

Members of the Chai Club make automatic regular donations that fit their own charitable donation plans. Even a small amount, given regularly, can have a significant impact over time.

How your gift is used

When you join the Chai Club your donations are directed to support the projects and services that reflect our possibilities funds.

  • The Resident Possibilities Fund supports services and programs that directly benefit residents, such as palliative care; music, art, drama and fitness programs; alternative therapies; and Jewish Life at Shalom Village
  • The Staff Possibilities Fund helps equip our team with the skills and tools needed to provide the best possible care to residents. This includes staff education, bursaries and staff appreciation
  • The A.T. H.O.M.E. Possibilities Fund includes the physical things that make our house a home, including comfortable furniture and décor, technology, specialized medical equipment and vehicles


It’s easy! Regular donations can be made in affordable monthly payments by pre-authorized cheque or credit card. A cumulative tax receipt is issued annually. Save postage and time with automatic transactions. You can easily increase, decrease, pause or stop your gift at any time.

Know you are making a difference

As a Chai Club member, you will receive regular updates about Shalom Village and the possibilities your gift supports. You will read how your gift helps to make positive changes in the lives of our residents every day.

Why “chai”?

The Hebrew word chai means alive, or living. Living is what Shalom Village is all about, and we toast l’chayim (to life). Have you ever wondered why Shalom Village donation levels are often multiples of the number 18? Number 18 is the numeric value of the word chai and is the historical basis of our Tribute Card levels and our annual Ladies Auxiliary Chai Tea.

Contact the Foundation

Kathleen Thomas
Executive Director
ext. 264 |