Strategic Plan

Shalom Village Strategic Plan

Ends Policies

  1. Shalom Village will provide long term and convalescent care, supportive housing, adult day services and fitness and wellness opportunities in the context of the A.T.H.O.M.E. values, resident safety guidelines and all relevant legislation for the Hamilton and surrounding Jewish community and all others who choose to live at or use the services of Shalom Village.
  2. Shalom Village will be a responsible and positive member of the Jewish community and of the Hamilton health system.
  3. Shalom Village will be a financially responsible and accountable organization which enables opportunities for growth and innovation.
  4. Shalom Village will be on the leading edge of care for frail seniors, working together through research and education to contribute to the development and implementation of best practices in an atmosphere of caring, innovation and involvement. Quality improvement process will be inherent in all strategic areas and projects.
  5. Shalom Village will be an organization that instills diversity and trust in all internal and external interactions and functions.

Strategic Goals 2013-2016

Strategic Goal #1

Foster continuing and sustained excellence in ensuring each resident feels ATHOME at Shalom Village

Strategic Objectives:

  • Continue to implement and refine an organization-wide quality and safety strategy and resulting processes to enhance quality resident care
  • Develop and implement strategies to support a quality work environment focused on excellence, wellness and safety
  • Implement a performance management process that develops and encourages staff to live our ATHOME values
  • Continue to seek out opportunities to maintain our resident’s connection to the Jewish Community
  • Implement sound financial strategies to achieve growth to support our vision and strategic goals, including:
    • CMI stabilization and growth
    • Achieve cost savings when and where possible
    • Seek out opportunities for new and increased government funding
    • In conjunction with Charitable Foundation, steward existing and seek new donor partnerships for programming and capital projects

Strategic Goal #2

Build a program of research and inter-professional education that will result in improvements in end of life care for older adults with dementia and frailty

Strategic Objectives:

  • Develop strategic partnerships with McMaster University, St Peter’s Hospital, and other stakeholders to support building a program of research and education for end of life care
  • Develop a program of clinically based applied research for end of life care that will result in successful point-of-care improvements
  • Provide clinical learning opportunities for health professional students and staff who care for frail seniors on best practices in end of life care
  • Participate with strategic partners in a larger community strategy to raise awareness around quality end of life care for older adults
  • Secure donor and research grant funding to support ongoing activities of the program.

Strategic Goal #3:

Pursue new opportunities to expand our ATHOME brand and services to promote the health and well being of older adults in our community

Strategic Objectives:

  • Pursue new programs and services for older adults that focus on younger seniors and focus on health promotion, prevention, and advanced care planning.
  • Pursue partnerships with key stakeholders to jointly develop and deliver new programs.
  • Develop a business case for expanding our supportive housing/assisted living programs, and capital renewal and specialization of our long term care program.
  • Work with LHIN, granting agencies and donors to secure funding for new programs