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Nurse Lead Outreach Team BannerThe LHIN 4 Nurse Led Outreach Team (NLOT) is a dynamic geriatric team comprised of nurse practitioners, geriatricians and other professionals skilled in the care of frail seniors. The team provides specialized health care to the residents of 88 Long Term Care Homes within the Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant Local Health Integration Network (HNHB LHIN).

“The individuals on this special team have implemented many innovative and effective programs and protocols that have had
the impact of keeping LTC residents out of emergency departments, as well as increasing system capacity, integration, and partnerships across sectors,” according to Shalom Village CEO Jeanette O’Leary. “They are highly skilled and incredibly passionate about quality care for residents in long term care.”

Students and researchers from a variety of University and College programs, including the Family Medicine Care of the Elderly Program at McMaster University also utilize this innovative project.

Are you unsure about whether a call is appropriate? A nurse practitioner, or our educator, can be contacted for advice. Referrals can be discussed on an as needed basis.

Our team can assist with educational support with physical assessments, hydration, wound care, continence, restraints and falls, behaviours, and advanced care planning conversations. We can also assist with technical bedside support with PEG tubes, suprapubic catheters, and wound management. We will help collaborate with the homes regarding a resident returning to the home upon hospital discharge, a resident not eating or drinking, or suspected infections. Lastly, any change in a resident including a decline in mobility, a change in behaviour, unintentional weight loss, increased confusion, a new onset in falls, or a change in mood.

For more information about the LHIN 4 Nurse Led Outreach Team, please call 905-741-9460

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Elizabeth Wojtowicz, NP 289-683-6364 email
Emily Booth, NP 905-741-5180 email
Jennifer Burgess, NP 905-730-4688  email
Lisa Pezik, RN BScN, Educator 905-741-9460 email
Priya Shah, NP 289-683-7902 email
Lori Strickland, RN 289-683-7902 email
Laurie Angle, NP 905-329-7365 email
Nicole Anderson, NP 289-668-9261 email
Jenny Schiffl 289-696-0696
Kuldeep Mann, NP email
Fran Meyers, RN email
Julie Thorpe, RN 519-732-8549 email
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