Send a Shalom Village Tribute Card

Send a Shalom Village Tribute Card with a few easy clicks! cards2005-337x253

We can send an e-Card on your behalf for a minimum donation of $10, or you can have a printed one delivered by Canada Post for a minimum donation of $18. Click the buttons below to send a card or make a donation to the Shalom Village Charitable Foundation today!

Donate Today!

Are you looking for a special way to let your friends and family know how you feel about them? Would you like a thoughtful way to express your condolences or celebrate accomplishments and special occasions?

Shalom Village will send beautiful tribute cards on your behalf to acknowledge loved ones’ milestones and special moments. Many community members send Shalom Village Tribute Cards for births, deaths, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, graduations, marriages, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, holy days and other significant occasions. Cards are sent directly to the recipient and include your own personal message.

Cards are available in a variety of denominations:

  • Chai: $18-$24
  • Silver: $25-$34
  • Double Chai: $36-$49
  • Gold: $50-$99
  • Platinum: $100-$249
  • Diamond: $250 or more

Purchase your Shalom Village Tribute Card with cash, cheque, Visa or Mastercard. Postage included. Please contact Kathleen Thomas at 905-529-1613 ext. 264 or to place your order.

Funds raised through card sales help us make sure that every day at Shalom Village is a day well lived. Many of the wonderful things that make life at Shalom so special would not be possible without your support.

Thank you for helping us honour our Fathers and our Mothers A.T. H.O.M.E. at Shalom.

Why “chai”?

Did you notice Shalom Village donation levels are often multiples of the number eighteen? The Hebrew word “chai” means “alive” or “living”. Living is what Shalom Village is all about and we toast l’chayim (to life)! Eighteen is the numeric value of the word chai and is the historical basis of our donation levels and our annual Ladies Auxiliary Chai Tea.