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Honouring our Fathers and our Mothers

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Shalom Village transforms the lives of older adults through a variety of programs and services, including long-term care, Assisted living apartments, and community wellness and social programs.

We provide an unwavering commitment to making every day the best day possible for those within our care.

Founded by the Jewish Community, for the benefit of all seniors throughout the Hamilton Region, our Jewish values and traditions ensure that all residents, benefit from the respect, compassion and dignity inherent in the Jewish faith. Shalom Village welcomes and celebrates individuals from all backgrounds and faiths.

Our History

Shalom Village was a dream.

“In 1970 we had 54 Jewish people in 17 different homes. Our vision was to provide one home, where each person’s individual needs were accepted and honoured and where they could share their days with their co-religionists in a Jewish environment. I went to the Ministry and asked what do we have to do to have our own Jewish, Kosher home. The answer was – a survey of need. Sometime later this was accomplished. The answer was simple — something was needed but no specific recommendation was made.

Any form of home was a popular idea. Many community leaders were afraid that any kind of facility would be too costly and an ongoing burden to the community as a whole. Suggestions were made that it should be attached to the old Jewish community centre on Delaware and various other inappropriate locations. Loud arguments for and against were rampant. It was a difficult time – to say the least.”


Shalom Village

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Shalom Village’s AT HOME approach to care means we are focused on providing continuity of life interests, goals, values and relationships for individuals requiring our care and services. Learn more about how Acknowledgement, Togetherness, Home, Organization, Memories and Enablement come together at Shalom Village.


Volunteering at Shalom Village

As a not-for-profit organization, Shalom Village relies on a dedicated team of volunteers to help us provide the best possible care to our residents and participants. Our goal is to encourage volunteer development in a way that helps us achieve Shalom Village’s mission, while also providing a rewarding experience for volunteers. Our volunteer team is a diverse, all ages group that includes residents, family members, students, retired people and other motivated community members.


Shalom Village

To find out more about living at Shalom Village, please call to arrange and interview!

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Shalom Village

70 Macklin St N., Hamilton, ON

tel: (905) 529-1613

fax: (905) 529-7542