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Bringing Our Values to Life

Acknowledge. Togetherness. Home. Organization. Memories. Enablement.

Mission, Vision, Values

At Shalom Village we use the acronym AT HOME to provide a clear link between our vision, mission, values, and most importantly how these guiding principles are brought to life for all who live, work, volunteer or visit at Shalom Village.

Our Vision

Shalom Village… Honouring our Fathers and our Mothers

Our Mission

To provide opportunities for the continuity of life interests, values and relationships for those who need supportive housing, long term care, convalescent care, adult day services and specialized fitness facilities within the context of Jewish Values and Kashruth. We want all those who need our services to feel AT HOME.

Our Values

Acknowledge: we will listen to each other and commit to being approachable, trustworthy, and helpful while valuing each person’ contributions, perspectives and differences.

Together: we will support each other and believe that together we can achieve anything.

Home: we will create a feeling of comfort, trust, familiarity and safety that honor’s Jewish Values and brings about each individual person’s feeling of being at home.

Organization: we will strive for learning, innovation, accountability, transparency, and excellence in all we do.

Memories: we will share past memories and create new ones through relationships, sharing, and celebrations.

Enablement: we will empower, encourage and focus on each other’s strengths to make possibilities possible and accomplish our goals.


Shalom Village

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