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Our Leaders and Champions

Shalom Village Staff & Board of Directors

Leadership Team

Shalom Village Executive

Marianne Klein
Chief Executive Officer                Acting Administrator, LTC             905-529-1613 x 307

Executive Assistant to C.E.O.
905-529-1613 x 229 

Jessica Wang
Interim Chief Financial Officer
905-529-1613 x 243

Executive Manager of People & Processes
905-529-1613 x 269

Human Resources Generalist
905-529-1613 x 231


Shalom Village Apartments

Madelaine Steller-Cain
Executive Director,                                  AT HOME Experience Assisted Living
905-529-1613 x391

Sharon vanPopta
Manager, Apartments and Community Services
905-529-1613 x 356

Anita Kwofie                          Apartment Nurse
RN Apartments
905-529-1613 x 232

Michelle Grady, RN
Manager Goldies To Home
905-529-1613 x305

Shalom Village L.T.C.

Breanna Martin
Executive Director,                                  AT HOME Experience LTC/Chief Nurse
905-529-1613 x 364

Miranda Sabu,
Associate Director of Care
905-529-1613 x 308

Brigitte Bonas,
Recreation Manager
905-529-1613 x 237

Angela Brown,
Environmental Service Manager
905-529-1613 x 268

Patience Ezeagu,
Food Service Manager
905-529-1613 x 250

Olivia Francis
Resident Relations Coordinator LTC
905-529-1613 x 370

RN Leader, SV Original
905-529-1613 x 372

RN Leader, SV Too
905-529-1613 x 368

Shalom Village Foundation

Kathleen Thomas,
Executive Director
905-529-1613 x 264

Laurie Pringle,
Director, Communications & Engagement
905-529-1613 x 227

Board of Directors:

Our Board of Directors is made up of passionate, skilled individuals who are dedicated to the well-being of our residents and participants.

Board members provide leadership and oversight for all aspects of Shalom Village.

Shalom Village:

Board Members


Chair: Larisa Volman
Treasurer: TBD
Past President: David Horwood
Secretary: :Larry Levin

Members of the Board

  • Larry Levin
  • Myrna Dolovich
  • Susan Denburg
  • Susan Goodman
  • Eli Jakubovic
  • Shirley Levine
  • Larry Rosenberg
  • Jason Waxman
  • Larisa Volman
  • Rosemary Horvath (Family Council Representive)

 Family Council Chair: Vanessa Greenblatt
 Residents’ Council Chair: Keith Culver

Shalom Village Foundation:



Chair: Larry Rosenberg
Secretary: Michael Taylor



  • Tanis Hall
  • Mark Levitt
  • Gayle Kepecs

Shalom Village

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Shalom Village

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tel: (905) 529-1613

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