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Enrich Quality of Life Through Adult Day Programs

Adult Day Programs

Goldie’s Place Adult Day Program is a social based program where “community happens”.

Our participants come to play a game of cards, connect with a friend over coffee, sing along to musical entertainment, get moving during an exercise class and enjoy a warm and nutritious meal. The staff at Goldie’s Place are available to assist with a variety of care needs including 1 person assistance with transfers and toileting and cueing for medication reminders.

Our program is open Monday to Friday 10am-3pm And has been designed to provide respite for loved ones from their caregiver role.

Adult Day Program activities are flexible and varied to meet the diverse needs of our participants. Staff include health and rehabilitation professionals. Social and health promotion programs are provided in concert with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Adult Day Program standards.

Residents and participants have access to the many services available, including The Club Fitness Centre, Bubbi Bessie’s Café and The Classic Theatre. By participating in stimulating activities, Goldie’s participants’ quality of life is enriched and their scope of experiences is expanded.

Referrals to the Adult Day Program are made through the Home and Community Care team. To get connected call 905-523-8600.

Goldie’s Place provides peace of mind for families, allowing them time for work and personal activities. For at-home caregivers who may feel overwhelmed at times due to their responsibilities, Goldie’s Place is a safe, understanding, helpful option.


Goldies2Home is a unique day program focused on helping people return to independent living at home after early discharge from acute care, rehabilitation or convalescent care programs. This ambulatory convalescent program allows people to recover in their own homes, while providing nursing, physiotherapy, recreation and other support.

Programming is offered on-site at Shalom Village Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and is enhanced by in-home support. DARTS transportation needs to be arranged. The Goldies2Home program is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. There is no cost to participants.

To book a tour or for more information please contact Michelle Grady at: 905-529-1613 x 305 or .

Our benefactor

Goldie Lax was committed to ensuring that her family had the support they needed to remain independent. Her family has continued her caring legacy through the dedication of Goldie’s Place – The Day Program for Adults at Shalom Village.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I access the Shalom Village Adult Day Program (ADP)?

Referrals to all Adult Day Programs in the City of Hamilton (including Goldies2Home) are through the Home and Community Care Support Services HNHB. If you have a Care Coordinator, you can ask for a referral. If you are not currently connected to the Home and Community Care Supoort Services, you can call 905-523-8600 and ask to speak to someone about being referred to an ADP.

Is there a waiting list?

Currently there is a waiting list. Wait times fluctuate between three and 12 months.

What does it cost to come to the ADP?

$25 per day. Prices go up by 2% (about $0.36) every July 1. There is no cost to attend Goldies2Home, but participants must be referred by Home and Community Support Services.

How long can someone attend your Adult Day Program? Do I have to stay for the full day?

There is no prescribed length of stay in an Adult Day Program. You can participate as long as you’re interested and as long as the program meets your needs. When you sign up your contract states that you can terminate at any time.

The program runs from 9:30am – 3:30 pm. While we prefer that you or your loved one will stay for the entire day, alternative arrangements are possible in some cases.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and learn more about how we can help.

Will I get physiotherapy in the Adult Day Program?

No. While daily seated exercises are part of our activities, physiotherapy is NOT available in Goldie’s Place programming. Goldies2Home does offer physiotherapy as part of people’s convalescent recovery plans.

What is included in my $25/day?

A full day of structured activity, a hot and nutritious noon meal and snacks throughout the day, and access to our professional staff as needed. Assistance with toileting and feeding is also available.

Is transportation available?

No. Unfortunately our vehicles are not available to provide our Adult Day Program participants with transportation. Many of our participants come via DARTS 905-529-1717, Red Cross 905-523-8600, taxi or family.

Assistance with medication happens in two ways

If you require a reminder to take your medications at set times, our staff can help. You must provide us with a complete full list of your medications from your pharmacy and bring your medication in its labeled, original packaging as provided by the pharmacy.

If you require assistance with medication administration, our registered nurse on staff will help you. As above, you must provide us with a complete up to date list from your pharmacy and bring your medication in its labeled, original packaging as provided by the pharmacy.

Contact the Home and Community Care team at 905-523-8600 to be referred to the Shalom Village Adult Day Program.

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