Convalescent Care

The Convalescent Care program at Shalom Village is a partnership between Hamilton Health Sciences, Shalom Village, Dundurn Place Care Centre, St. Josephs Healthcare and Hamilton CCAC. The goal of  is the Convalescent Care program is to help prepare people to return home after a hospital stay. After the acute phase of illness has passed, the care team may recommend the Convalescent Care Program as the next step in a person’s return home. The program focuses on helping participants rebuild strength, reduce their need for assistance, and reinforce their independence.

The Shalom team works with participants to help them build strength and manage their daily activities. Participants wear their regular clothes and help prepare their own meals in the dining room. They participate in a variety of recreational and rehabilitative activities. They are active participants in their own recovery.

Our program exists to provide the support and environment needed to help people recovering from illness or injury achieve their goal of returning home to an independent living arrangement. The team works collaboratively with participants, their families, physicians and the Community Care Access Centre to help them regain strength, improve functioning and build confidence to ensure a smooth transition as they move back to their homes from our home.

Admission is coordinated by the Hamilton CCAC. Please call 905-523-8600 ext. 2203 for more information.