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Pat Vinton’s life took a drastic turn when she was hit by a vehicle in the fall of 2015. Sitting in her parked car, she had removed her seatbelt when a driver rammed into her vehicle. She suffered a broken pelvis, broken foot and fractured knee. For five weeks, she stayed in the hospital to slowly repair the damage done to her body. When her time to leave finally arrived, she learned that she was not able to return to her home. The hospital informed her that she would need to stay in convalescent care until she was recovered enough to return home.

Shalom Village

After a vehicle accident in 2015, Pat Vinton moved to Shalom Village for her recovery. When she returned home months later, her experience there was so positive that she stayed on as a member of the Fitness Club at Shalom Village.

“Since I was in a wheelchair, I would need a ramp,” says Pat. “I was given options on places to go for my recovery. Shalom Village was mentioned and I was told that chances of getting in there were slim because it was ‘the place to go’.” This peaked Pat’s interest and, after further investigation, she made it her mission to get into the convalescent care program at Shalom Village for her recovery.

“I had little control over where I could go,” admits Pat. “But the social worker wrote down my wishes.” When she later learned that she had been admitted into her top choice, she was over the moon.

Upon Pat’s arrival at Shalom Village, she immediately felt comfortable and welcome.The staff were compassionate and professional, helping her progress from wheelchair to walker, and eventually, back to full mobility so she could return to her home.

“You learn the discipline,” says Pat of her recovery. “I had help in performing all the things required to get me stronger and move closer and closer to returning home.” When the day of her departure finally arrived, Pat knew she wanted to remain a part of Shalom Village. The atmosphere throughout the Village was always supportive; and, the staff was always helpful in keeping her positive during a trying time in her life. Shalom Village was her 2nd home.

As a result, Pat stayed as a member of the Shalom Village fitness club and as a Shalom Village volunteer. The Club had been integral to her healing, and her social life, so she was thrilled to discover that anyone over 65 could join the Fitness Club at Shalom Village. The Club trainers understand the unique challenges faced by seniors. Each member’s training is tailored to achieve the best possible results for the seniors who depend on the club to keep them healthy, happy and living life to its fullest.

“I made friends here and met people that changed my life and I value that,” says Pat. When asked what she would tell someone who is considering joining the Shalom Village Fitness Club, Pat has no problem singing the praises of the Club & Shalom Village.

“I would say come and talk to me and I’d give my heartfelt opinion and experience,” she says, adding that she’s not ready to move into the independent living apartments quite yet. “But when I do, I have my name on the Shalom Village list and in the meantime, I enjoy my time here as a Fitness Club member & volunteer. It’s like a second home to me now.”

Shalom Village

The Fitness Club at Shalom Village is open to all seniors over 65 and is funded, in part, by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Shalom Village offers a variety of day programs and fall prevention programs to seniors. Founded by the Jewish Community, for the benefit of all seniors throughout Hamilton, Shalom Village welcomes and celebrates individuals from all backgrounds and faiths. To learn more about Shalom Village email us at:


Shalom Village

To find out more about living at Shalom Village, please call to arrange and interview!

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